Tiny 3 Construction

May 2018

18' trailer

lay subfloor


ice and water shield on roof

hurricane strap on

house wrap complete

JUNE 2018

Waiting on the windows - on order.

Other supplies are arriving,

June 2018

Waiting on the windows -on order.

Other supplies are arriving.  


Windows have arrived and are being

installed.  Bathroom roughed in/layout set.

Sewer and Water - check

Running electric

Roofing / Siding next

September 2018

Roofing / Siding complete!  Owner will paint.

Outdoor shower installed 

Plumbing and electric - done

Hot water on demand installed

* finish the month - spray foam insulation and installing mini split.


Storage shed complete

Electric lift for king size bed on order

Wood in for interior

Pics coming soon of the finished Tiny!